I currently teach Globalisation, Water, Coasts and Energy as part of the Edexcel A-level Geography specification. Resources will be uploaded here as they are created. Please note, many of these adapted ideas are not my own. Thank you to the wonderful Edexcel Geography A-level Schoology group and EduTweeters whom have created some wonderful resources, which have provided much inspiration for the lessons you find here.

Topic 3 – Globalisation

L1 – Intro to Geog A Level
L2 – Factors that affect globalisation
L3 – Key globalisation players + trade barriers
L4 – The role of IGOs
L5 – The role of national governments
L6 – The role of governments poster
L6 – SEZs
L7 – The role of TNCs
L8 – Switched on switched off
L9 – Measuring globalisation

L10 – Global economic shift
L10 – Impacts of global economic shift
L10 – Leicester info
L10 – The Global Economic Shift


Topic 5 – The Water Cycle & Water Security

Lesson 1 – Intro to Water and Flipped learning
Key idea 5.1 Homework sheet
Lesson 2 – Consolidation and evaluating water cycle and budget
Key idea 5.2a Homework sheet
Lesson 3 – Drainage Basins and River Regimes
Key idea 5.2c Human disruption drainage basin
Lesson 4 – Storm Hydrographs

Lesson 5 – Deficits in the hydrological cycle
Lesson 6 – Human causes of drought
Lesson 7 – Physical causes of drought
Lesson 8 – Physical causes of drought (ctd)
Lesson 9 – Effect of Drought on Ecosystems
Lesson 10 – Surpluses within the hydrological system